Design Revolution,Bulgari’s Automotive Debut in Vision Gran Turismo Design Revolution

Bulgari and Genesis Redefine Virtual Supercars

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive design and virtual simulations, Genesis and Design House Bulgari have recently unveiled their avant-garde contributions to the renowned Vision Gran Turismo series. This exclusive collection of virtual supercars, nestled within the immersive confines of the Gran Turismo video game, has become a testament to the synergy of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic brilliance. Among these distinguished newcomers is the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta, a testament to automotive sophistication and engineering prowess.


The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta, with its sleek and dynamic design, represents a significant leap forward in the Vision Gran Turismo series. This hybrid coupe, a harmonious marriage of elegance and performance, boasts a formidable V-6 powertrain, producing an impressive 1071 horsepower and 986 pound-feet of torque. Notably, it opts for a non-electric configuration, positioning itself as a distinct player in a market increasingly embracing electric mobility. The front-mid-mounted V-6, sourced from Hyundai’s Lambda engine family, is complemented by an electric motor from YASA, a company renowned for its contributions to elite vehicles like Ferrari’s SF90 Stradale and 296GTB. The collaborative power of the V-6 and electric motor propels the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta into the realm of high-performance vehicles, promising an exhilarating driving experience.

Beyond raw power, the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta captivates with its aerodynamic finesse, boasting a drag coefficient of 0.34. The design echoes an evolution of the Essentia concept, featuring a low and wide stance accentuated by aerodynamic slashes and scoops. The signature “two lines” lighting motif, first introduced on the 2022 X Speedium Coupe concept, adds a touch of continuity to Genesis’s design language. The interior of this virtual supercar is a seamless blend of minimalism and technological sophistication. A dashboard-spanning screen and a yoke-style steering wheel with integrated screens underscore the commitment to a futuristic driving experience. Quilted leather adorns the door panels and center console, enhancing the sense of luxury and refinement within the virtual cockpit.

In a surprising twist, luxury fashion house Bulgari makes its inaugural foray into the automotive realm with the Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo. This collaboration marks a unique intersection between high-end fashion and automotive design, exemplifying the fusion of disparate yet complementary industries. Inspired by one of Bulgari’s watches, this speedster showcases a distinctive wedge-like body, reminiscent of 1970s concept cars. Crisp creases, blocky aerodynamic covers on the wheels, and a bold front-end design contribute to its assertive aesthetic. This is not merely a vehicle; it is a bold statement, an embodiment of Bulgari’s commitment to pushing boundaries and venturing into uncharted territories.

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The collaboration between Bulgari and Fabio Filippini , former design director for Pininfarina, adds an additional layer of automotive expertise to the creation of the Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo. Filippini’s notable contributions to iconic vehicles like the Sergio concept and previous Vision Gran Turismo projects position him as a visionary force in the automotive design landscape. The result is a vehicle that not only pays homage to Bulgari’s storied heritage but also pushes the boundaries of what a luxury fashion house can achieve in the realm of automotive design.

The Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo, with its chunky, wedge-like speedster body, aligns with the aesthetics of 1970s concept cars. Two thin LED strips flanking a single bank of headlights create a distinctive front-end design, while blocky aerodynamic covers on the wheels contribute to its aerodynamic profile. The interior, adorned with yellow-accented bucket seats and dials, reflects an attention to detail synonymous with Bulgari’s commitment to craftsmanship. The brushed aluminum look gives the concept a retro-futuristic vibe, reminiscent of iconic designs like the DeLorean.

While specific performance details for the Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo are yet to be disclosed, the absence of openings in the bodywork hints at a potential electric powertrain. This aligns with contemporary trends favoring sustainability and electric mobility in the automotive industry. Bulgari’s entry into the Vision Gran Turismo series is not merely a design exercise but a testament to the brand’s ability to transcend traditional boundaries and venture into uncharted territories with confidence and flair.

Looking ahead, the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta is set to make its debut in Gran Turismo 7 in January 2024, offering enthusiasts an opportunity to virtually experience the thrill of this cutting-edge creation. On the other hand, the Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo is poised to join the game’s roster later in 2024. The inclusion of the Bulgari concept marks a significant milestone as the first Vision Gran Turismo representation from a non-automotive company, introducing a new dimension to the series.

In the broader context, the evolution of the Vision Gran Turismo series reflects the dynamic nature of automotive design and its intersection with diverse industries. While traditional automakers have been the primary contributors to this virtual showcase, Bulgari’s entry adds a touch of luxury and fashion, expanding the horizons of what is conceivable within the virtual realm. The collaboration between automotive and non-automotive entities underscores the potential for cross-industry innovation, creating vehicles that transcend the boundaries of conventional expectations.

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In conclusion, the unveiling of the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta and the Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo signifies a significant chapter in the ongoing narrative of virtual supercars. These creations transcend the digital confines of the Gran Turismo video game, embodying a fusion of technology, design innovation, and unexpected collaborations. As enthusiasts eagerly await the virtual debut of these visionary vehicles, the automotive landscape continues to evolve, opening new avenues for creativity and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the realms of both reality and simulation.

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