Unveiling 'TOGG's T10X' Türkiye's Electric Revolution in Motion

Unveiling ‘TOGG’s T10X’ Türkiye’s Electric Revolution in Motion

In the heart of Türkiye, a seismic shift is occurring as TOGG, the nation’s pioneering domestic car brand, takes center stage with its revolutionary T10X smart device model. The journey from conception to realization has been nothing short of extraordinary, as evidenced by the overwhelming response – 100,000 preorders within just seven days! Let’s delve into the electrifying details of this automotive breakthrough.

TOGG’s T10X A Triumph of Turkish Innovation

TOGG’s Roots and Collaborative Spirit

  • TOGG, short for Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu (Turkey’s Automobile Joint Venture Group), represents the collaborative efforts of five Turkish companies known as the Automobile Initiative Group. This consortium, in partnership with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye (TOBB), has propelled Türkiye into the forefront of automotive innovation.

‘T10X’ More Than Just an Electric Car

  • The T10X isn’t just an electric car; it’s a smart device on wheels. The melding of cutting-edge technology and sustainable mobility is evident in every aspect of its design and functionality.

The Phenomenal Preorder Rush

Overwhelming Demand

  • The recent announcement of 100,000 preorders for the T10X sent shockwaves through the automotive industry. TOGG’s official Twitter account buzzed with excitement as the company shared the incredible news.

Global Attention

  • The T10X isn’t just a local phenomenon; it has garnered attention globally. Türkiye’s foray into electric vehicles is not merely a shift in gears but a leap into the future of sustainable transportation.

Unlocking Ownership The Drawing Process

Innovative Draw Mechanism

  • TOGG has employed a novel approach to determine the first set of T10X owners. A digital drawing, slated for March 28 and overseen by a notary, will decide the recipients of the initial 12,000 T10Xs. The preorder window remains open until March 27, heightening the anticipation.

Accessible Participation

  • TOGG has ensured accessibility for all. Anyone creating a Tru.ID via the Trumore application or TOGG website can partake in the draw. Configuring the desired T10X and a down payment of TL 60,000 to the Trumore e-Wallet seals the entry.

Powerful Performance and Futuristic Features

Accelerating Türkiye into the Future

  • The T10X, a C-segment SUV, exemplifies Türkiye’s commitment to future technology. The collaboration between TOGG and TOBB has resulted in a vehicle that boasts impressive performance metrics and a sleek, forward-looking design.

All-Electric Powertrain

  • TOGG’s leap into the electric vehicle revolution is marked by the T10X’s fully electric powertrain. Offering two battery options, the T10X provides a range of 314 or 523 kilometers, addressing the critical concern of range anxiety.

Variety in Speed and Drive

  • Speed enthusiasts have choices too! The T10X’s twin-engine type, to be available in the future, promises an exhilarating experience. The second version, with all-wheel drive and a staggering 320 kW power (435 horsepower), is set to hit the roads with delivery starting on October 29.

Fast Charging for Seamless Journeys

  • Range anxiety dissipates with the T10X’s fast-charging capability. From 20% to 80% in less than 28 minutes, the T10X ensures that the road ahead is not just green but also limitless.

Beyond the ‘T10X’ A Glimpse into Türkiye’s Automotive Future

TOGG’s Vision Beyond T10X

  • The T10X is a harbinger of things to come. TOGG’s ambitious plans include the production of four additional models – a sedan, C-hatchback, B-SUV, and B-MPV – by the year 2030. Türkiye’s automotive landscape is evolving, and TOGG is steering the transformation.

Türkiye’s Technological Ascent:


TOGG’s T10X epitomizes Türkiye’s leap into a sustainable and innovative automotive future. The overwhelming response of 100,000 preorders within a week underscores the global anticipation for this groundbreaking electric vehicle. As the digital drawing day approaches, Türkiye stands on the precipice of a new era, where collaboration, technology, and sustainability converge on the road to progress. Beyond the T10X, TOGG’s vision for diverse models until 2030 signals a commitment to shaping Türkiye’s automotive landscape. With each preorder, Türkiye not only embraces electric mobility but also accelerates towards a greener, smarter, and more dynamic tomorrow. #TOGG #T10X #SustainableFuture 🚗🔋

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