McLaren's 750S Triple Crown Edition Unveiling a Masterpiece in Motorsport Homage and Supercar Luxury

McLaren’s 750S Triple Crown Edition Unveiling a Masterpiece in Motorsport Homage and Supercar Luxury

In a grand celebration of McLaren’s 60th anniversary, the iconic automaker has revealed a limited edition masterpiece, the McLaren’s 750S special project. This striking creation serves as a tribute to McLaren’s historic achievement of winning the coveted ‘Triple Crown’ in motorsports. With only six examples produced, each already claimed by fortunate enthusiasts, the 750S stands as a testament to McLaren’s legacy and innovative prowess.

The 3-7-59 Livery A Visual Ode to Triumphs

The heart of this exclusive supercar lies in its unique ‘3-7-59’ paint scheme, a breathtaking collision of liveries from three iconic racing moments. Representing the number ‘three’ is the M16D that conquered the 1974 Indy 500, while the number ‘four’ symbolizes the MP4/2’s triumph at the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix. The ’59’ pays homage to the victorious F1 GTR at Le Mans in 1995. Crafted by McLaren’s Special Operations (MSO) team, this flowing multicolored paintwork took over 1,200 hours to complete, merging more than 20 different colors and compositions.

Art in Motion A Detailed Tribute/McLaren’s 750S

The exterior of the 750S tells a story of racing excellence. The front section mirrors Alain Prost’s Monaco Grand Prix-winning MP4/2, featuring a red and white paint combination in a ‘shattered’ imitation of the legendary F1 car’s look. Moving to the rear-end, the design pays homage to the M16D racer with its number three in blue and bright yellow livery, marked with a striking chequered flag. Flanking both sides is a grey color scheme and the iconic ’59’ logo, acknowledging the F1 GTR’s triumph at Le Mans in 1995.

The satin black Vortex alloys subtly conform to the overall aesthetic, accentuating the glowing brake calipers that adopt all three of the main vinyl colors. Notably, McLaren has incorporated three QR code sections into the car, adding an interactive element. When scanned, these codes reveal a webpage detailing the car’s journey and significance. It’s a clever touch that engages onlookers and adds a layer of storytelling to the visual spectacle.

Inside the Cockpit A Triple Crown Oasis

The Triple Crown references extend seamlessly into the interior. Badges and orange stitching adorn the car’s headrests and central armrest, creating a cohesive theme. The seats receive a new graphite Alcantara leather coat, complemented by white stitching, providing both style and comfort. A painted 12 o’clock marker on the steering wheel and hand-painted carbon fiber shift paddles pay homage to the MP4/2, adding a touch of racing heritage to the driver’s experience.

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Key Fob Elegance Functionality Meets Design

Owners are treated to a key fob that mirrors the car’s design, ensuring that this piece of automotive art is never lost in a sea of keys. It’s a small yet thoughtful detail that adds to the exclusivity and luxury of the ownership experience.

McLaren CEO Reflects on Legacy and Innovation

Michael Leiters, Chief Executive Officer of McLaren Automotive, spoke passionately about the 750S project, stating, “As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of McLaren being founded, we reflect on our legacy of pushing boundaries in motorsport and supercar excellence. The 3-7-59 Theme showcases extreme performance, paying tribute to our Triple Crown success”

Unveiling at Velocity International A Grand Celebration

Current McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Pato O’Ward, along with former driver Derek Bell, unveiled the 750S at Velocity International in California. The event marks McLaren’s 60th anniversary and adds an extra layer of significance to this already monumental occasion.


the McLaren 750S special project is not just a supercar; it’s a piece of automotive art that encapsulates the spirit of racing triumphs and pushes the boundaries of design and innovation. With only six fortunate owners set to experience this unparalleled masterpiece, McLaren continues to redefine the limits of automotive excellence, showcasing a harmonious blend of legacy, performance, and artistic craftsmanship. The 750S stands as a beacon of McLaren’s commitment to pushing the boundaries and setting new standards in the world of supercars.

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