Luca de Meo Secures Top Spot on Autocar's 2023 Power List 100

Luca de Meo Secures Top Spot on Autocar’s 2023 Power List 100

It is an impressive accomplishment for Luca de Meo, the head of Renault Group, to become the most important person in the auto business. The 2023 Autocar Business Power List 100 rankings, which were funded by Keyloop, show how great de Meo’s leadership is. Autocar’s 2023 Power List 100 They recognize his toughness and business sense in leading Renault Group out of financial trouble.

Renault’s Financial Resurgence Under De Meo’s Leadership

When Luca de Meo took over as CEO of Renault in 2020, the company was in the middle of one of the worst financial crises that a global car giant has ever seen. The company had a terrible loss of €8 billion the previous year, which made people worry about its future. As de Meo learned more about the industry, though, his strategic vision and leadership skills started to shine through.

Not deterred by the problems caused by the pandemic, de Meo led Renault to a small profit in 2021, showing that he could lead the company toward security. Renault’s profits doubled to €2.6 billion in 2022, with a notable margin of 5.6%. This was the real test of how well he led. At this point, things started to change, which led to Renault’s biggest financial win in 2023.

Breaking Records: Renault’s 2023 Milestone

Renault broke its own record for the highest margin ever in 2023, with a 7.6% margin on income of €2.12 billion. This amazing accomplishment not only strengthened Renault’s finances, but it also showed how good de Meo was at making plans in a market that was changing quickly and was full of problems.

Strategic Decision-Making Fuels Competitiveness

One of de Meo’s most important skills is being able to make tough choices that change how Renault positions itself in the market. By strategically shifting the company’s launch focus to bigger market segments, de Meo not only made sure Renault would stay in business, but also made it a strong competitor in a tough industry.

Autocar Editor’s Commentary

Mark Tisshaw, editor at Autocar, thought about how hard it is to rank the most successful people in the auto business. Tisshaw praised de Meo’s unlikely rise to the top of the Power List 100 and said it was due to Renault Group’s amazing turnaround. He talked about de Meo’s practical approach to the Nissan alliance and the good choices he made in response to events around the world, like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Tisshaw said, “Luca de Meo’s improbable climb to the top of this chart is testament to the extraordinary turnaround he has achieved at the Renault Group, negotiating a series of unique bear traps that might have undone a lesser executive.”

De Meo’s Reflections on the Accolade

In reaction to the award, Luca de Meo said he was very proud and praised the work of the Renault Group team over the past three years. He not only fixed the company’s finances, but he also laid out a plan for Renault to be a leader in the car industry, known for its creativity, teamwork, and flexibility.

De Meo said, “This award means a great deal to me.” The award recognizes the amazing work that the Renault Group team has done over the last three years to completely change this great company and put it back where it belongs: at the cutting edge of new ideas.

Renault’s Vision Beyond a Classical Turnaround

De Meo said that Renault’s journey is more than just a typical turnaround. He talked about the company’s plans to rebuild its foundations and make its best range in 30 years. He talked a lot about how Renault is changing into a new type of car company that is ready for the future, works with the best to cover a wider, more varied, and more unstable value chain than in the past 150 years.

Focused on Innovation De Meo’s Strategic Priorities

De Meo went into more detail about Renault’s strategic focus, highlighting how dedicated agile teams are to working on electric vehicles (EVs) and software, as well as projects for the circular economy, unique sports cars, new mobility solutions, and cars with internal combustion engines (ICEs). This all-around approach puts Renault in a great situation to not only meet the needs of the current market but also be a leader in the new car game.

“Few people would have bet that the Renault Group would be able to get there in only three years,” De Meo said with unwavering confidence. Because the challenges ahead are tough, we stay humble and focused. But we also know that we have set ourselves up to lead the new car game that is starting to form.

Autocar’s 2023 Power List 100 A Glimpse into Industry Dynamics

To fully understand de Meo’s accomplishment, it is important to know how hard Autocar’s Power List 100 was put together. The list ranks the 100 most important people in the world of cars based on their worldwide reach and impact, spending power, share of voice, technological influence, potential for future growth, and market capitalization.

The top 10 people are ranked individually, and the other 90 are put into groups that include leaders from traditional automakers, growing Chinese powerhouses, and technology and mobility companies. The list was carefully chosen by Autocar’s editorial team to give readers in the industry a look at the inner workings and key players that are shaping the global automotive scene.

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Industry Insights: A Changing Landscape

Mark Tisshaw talked about how the automotive business is changing, which can be seen in the Power List. He said, “The fact that 20% of our top 10 powerbrokers operate from China also shows how rapidly this industry is changing due to new technologies, environmental concerns, and shifting influence dynamics.”

This point makes it clear how new technologies and changes in the global economy are changing the automotive environment. The fact that there are powerful people from China on the list shows how important the country is becoming in the industry. This shows how important it is to be flexible and creative in the face of these changes.


Luca de Meo’s rise to the top of Autocar’s Power List 100 is a reflection of his leadership, strategic vision, and the work of the whole Renault Group team. Renault has become a major player in the auto industry thanks to his leadership in the company’s amazing financial comeback.

Technology advances and changes in the way the world works are making the car industry change all the time. Renault, led by de Meo, is ready to lead the way. Even though the difficulties ahead will be tough, Renault is ready to change the future of the car business by being humble, focused, and dedicated to new ideas. Fans and people who work in the automotive industry are both looking forward to Renault’s continued surprises in the coming months and years. This shows how resilient and flexible the company is, as it has successfully managed the complicated world of cars.

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